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Content thief

Posted by MachineManga - 3 days ago

Looks like someone just straight up took my animation, removed the watermark at the end and put sound effects over it. I guess learn from me and ensure you have a transparent watermark of your social over your animation at all times I suppose...

Link to the thief here:




Comments (9)

Reported, sounds about right though. Does your original video even have that many views?

Nope, my video has less than that. I have less subs too since I just started. To be honest I felt like I went overboard a bit but it looks like they removed my watermark at the end with my handle so that to me signals that they knew what they were doing. On the other hand, it could probably just be a kid. That said I don't know what recourse I have other than filing a claim. If I was a bigger channel I wouldn't mind so much but I just got started on YT.

aaaahhh I can’t stand people who do this. I’m so sorry

Yeah thanks, I don't like it too but someone said at least I'm good enough to have my stuff stolen so I suppose that's the silver lining.

I am so sorry that happened dude

Thanks man, I appreciate the comment

That's pretty gross. Try to keep the chin up and keep creating!

Gonna keep going and work on some more animations, thanks for the support

@ZacStriga @MachineManga of course! I'll even give you a follow so I can give your next project a gander!

xjdon must stop stealing your content, i hope xjdon's terminated soon, and i'm also sorry this happened.

Yeah I hope so as well, nobody deserves to get their work stolen.

I'm sorry to hear your animations getting stolen but if someone is to steal, it's as simple as doing DMCA takedowns and/or ordering cease and desists.

Yeah I sent one, although I'm not sure what Youtube etiquette is like, apparently DMCA takedowns are on the extreme end. I would have contacted him beforehand before getting to that point but didn't have his info.

@TheGoodlands @MachineManga Good news: Video got taken down. Thief is no more.

That's good to hear. Hopefully this doesn't happen again but I'm wary.

Disregard what I said about naming the content-stealing schmuck.
Despite my irritation at that kind of thing, asking about that makes me feel a little too scummy.
Glad to see that the vid was taken down, tho